Ultimate Channels Bundle

Connect with a full-stack performance marketer to scale your campaigns across Facebook, Instagram, and Google Search and drive more conversions

"They are impressive in identifying the right channels for an early stage startup. They gives insights on growth that we would otherwise find nowhere else, and it was really helpful for us – among a few who know their stuff."

Jijo Sunny, Co-founder at WhatRuns

About this Service

Drive more conversions for your business through this service, which connects you with a dedicated full-stack performance expert to set up and scale your campaigns on the indisputable kings of digital advertising: Facebook, Instagram and Google Ads.

What you get

Taking into consideration your brief & goals, your dedicated performance expert will research your business', your competitors' and other market data to set up and scale your digital campaigns using a proven growth-driven framework.

What we need

Completion of onboarding forms to better understand your business & goals

Access to Facebook Business Manager

Access to Google Ads

Access to Google Analytics


Get your trial started in just a few minutes. Brief us on your project and project goals, and submit your first campaign request in minutes. 

Target Audience & Ads for Facebook & Instagram

We'll set you up with the best way to reach your ideal audience on Facebook & Instagram based on existing data on your niche, and create ad mockups for your review

Set FB & Insta live & scale

Your Facebook & Instagram campaigns will be set live, and we'll make constant data-driven optimizations to your campaigns, posting updates as we go. You'll also get a live report on your key campaign metrics.

Keyword Research & Copies

After setting Facebook & Instagram live, we'll conduct a Keyword Research to discover strong buyer-intent keywords we can bid on Google Ads to reach your ideal audience as effectively as possible, and create data-driven ad copies for your review

Set Google Ads live & scale

After confirming Google Ads, we'll set those live and follow the same optimization process as Facebook and Instagram, reporting on your key metrics and giving you a live report to monitor progress.

Need more? You got it

Submit on-demand requests for new campaigns, ads, audiences, and strategic initiatives, in-tune with your business' growth and seasonal offers

Full transparency

Monitor every task we work on and every optimization we make through a shared Trello board

How it works

We use the information you provide on your business, competition, goals and target audience to find the best way to reach those niches on Facebook, Instagram and Google, distributing your budget effectively and maximizing your performance metrics


✓ Dedicated full-stack performance expert

✓ Meticulous setup & scaling of campaigns

✓ Advanced optimizations based on data - not intuition

✓ Real-time data reporting

✓ Full transparency – monitor timelines and task progression through Trello

✓ Bi-monthly strategy calls

✓ No contracts – cancel any time

up to $3k monthly ad spend

Case Studies

Case Study 1

Case Study 2

Case Study 3

Yes, we give a FAQ

  • What's the contract length?
  • There are no contracts – every month, we earn your business. You can cancel at any time.
  • How come this service is so cheap?
  • Pre-packaging a service with select features and characteristics, saves a lot of time, and hence costs – the typical agency/freelancer model creates a ton of messy and avoidable inefficiencies. Growth Marketers contracts with a selective group of marketing contractors, that helps them run the services they specialize in on our platform. We help them with promotion and continued support through processes and assure that only the best services remain on our platform through strict quality assurance.
  • How fast can you get me live?
  • We guarantee you'll be live within the first month. Typically after completing the onboarding and submitting your first campaign request, you can expect to be live within 5-8 business days.
  • Any additional fees or commissions?
  • No The price is the flat fee per month you see indicated on each service, not including your ad spend of course. That being said, for the short term we can only support advertising spend up to $3000 per month.
  • Where are you based?
  • Our marketers are scattered all over the world, but we work off British Standard / GMT time zones.
  • Can I use your services for multiple brands?
  • Unfortunately, no. That would be unfair to everyone else and would allow misuse of the service. You are limited to one brand per account.
  • What happens if I do not like your deliverables or need any sort of revision?
  • Not a problem. Just let us know how you want to change that deliverable and we’ll recreate it until you love it!
  • What types of media can you create for my ads?
  • We can create any sort of graphics, excluding original illustrations or videos. We aren’t designers or video producers! We can manipulate existing illustrations or use real photos through our stock photo database. When you sign up, you’ll have a chance to share some creatives and illustrations you like that we can potentially edit and use for our ads. The more you give us the more we’ll have to work with!
  • What results should I expect?
  • While combined our services have helped thousands of businesses grow their business online, there is no way of predicting results from day 1, especially when it comes to volatile and unpredictable Ad Platforms. Costs and other metrics are constantly evolving depending on your channel, industry, funnel, and the competition. That being said, we will always be transparent with you on what you should expect, based on our professional opinion. That's our promise to you – we'll always be transparent regarding your campaign's potential. If we think turning off your campaigns would be better for your business than leaving them on, we'll be the first to let you know .
  • What have you achieved in your campaigns?
  • We're working on posting case studies on this page, but just to give you a rough idea – for the past decade, our founding team has been actively involved in growth, product and performance marketing, having helped countless startups, SMEs and enterprise businesses meet their business goals.
  • I run an agency, can I outsource my client’s work to you?
  • Definitely! Please note however that we can only accept one brand per account.

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